Features of the Beliefs and Activities Characterizing a Pentecostal Church in Toronto

Someone who moves to Ontario and begins looking for a pentecostal church in toronto to join will find a broad range of options. Pentecostal denominations are different from each other in many ways, although they all emphasize the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Typically, their members make a specific decision to accept Christ as Lord and Savior, receive baptism by the Holy Spirit, and are considered “born again” afterward.

Speaking in Tongues

The best-known example of gifts of the Spirit associated with Pentecostal churches is speaking in tongues. Also called glossolalia, this phenomenon allows the person to speak in languages he or she does not know or understand, usually in a worship setting. They believe this gift, which was first experienced on the Day of Pentecost as described in Acts of the Apostles, continues today and never ceased.

There seems to be difference between xenoglossolalia and glossolalia, according to scholars. Xenoglossolalia would be the ability to speak in unknown languages that actually exist, so that the words could be translated by someone who understands. Glossolalia can include speaking in a language that nobody has ever heard of, leading skeptics to think of it as gibberish. But Pentecostal believers feel these utterances come through in a language that God knows, and that another person in the group can translate through God’s influence.

An Active Community

People who want to be active in a church community will find a true home at one of these houses of worship. Pentecostal churches commonly have both a morning and evening service on Sundays and may have a mid-week service as well. Youth groups and Bible study groups are common. The fellowship with other believers provides valuable friendships and support.

The Crucial Characteristic

The gifts of the Spirit are not the essential aspect of being born again. Instead, believing in Jesus as Savior is the fundamental matter of importance. Although the church encourages participation in these gifts as well as in good works and evangelism, standing firm in belief is the one and only way to be saved. Those who are saved will be taken to Heaven and the rest will be separated from God forever.